Scrum Assistant
Make your work effective by using the best practices of Scrum teams

Checking story points when working in sprints
Scrum Assistant helps the development team not to forget about evaluating new issues that need to be added to the sprint. This will help you keep track of the team's velocity.
Focus only on issues in an active sprint
A setting that helps to focus work only on issues in the sprint, creating conditions for transitions by status. All the work of the team will be taken into account in sprints.
Flexible customization for each project
The Jira administrator can always flexibly configure these features for each individual project.
About Us
We are a team of Jira experts who wants to make it much more useful. We developed Scrum Assistant addon for internal usage and to cover your personal needs, but later on we decided to open it for everyone who love Jira and Scrum framework.
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